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My 2018 Portfolio redesign: UX, visual design and development process

You might have noticed that there was a little bit of blog redesign going on here. This is because I redesigned my portfolio last week and I’m trying to make the blog match the new portfolio redesign. For the moment it’s a MVP, full static HTML and a little bit of PHP includes. There’s some design and linguistic decisions involved. In this article, I will explain a little bit the redesign process and what’s coming next. Visit the new portfolio …

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Solving design problems: Finding UX tools, methods & activities

Involving users, audience, stakeholders, partners, internal teams and developers from the start will help us build better products and services. There’s a lot of methods available to UX designers to help us accomplish this. This unfortunately means that it’s also pretty easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed with the quantity of information available. In this article I am going to share with you my list of seven ressources I use in my daily job to find the right UX method and tool.

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Tips to Create an Accessible and Contrasted Color Palette

Tips to Create an Accessible Color Palette

This content is 4 years old. Remember that the following content might be outdated.Color contrast is something really important in Web Design:  it will help users read your text and get a clear understanding of your content. Color contrast and colors accessibility scares a lot of designers too. Some are afraid that color accessibility will limit the color palette they will be allowed to use and so their creativity.  Some think that color accessibility is “only for people with some …

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Interface Animations and Transitions: where to get inspiration

Interface Animations and Transitions : where to get inspiration

This content is 5 years old. Remember that the following content might be outdated.In UI and UX design every little detail tends to count more and more. Providing the user with small transitions and animations between interface elements is today part of the global user experience of both native application and websites. The great “Transitional Interfaces” shall give you more details on how some small little animation can have a deep impact on user experience. And it’s our job as …

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Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Round of Tips and Tricks – Onextrapixel

Adobe Photoshop CS6 New Round of Tips and Tricks - Onextrapixel

This content is 6 years old. Remember that the following content might be outdated.More than one year ago, I wrote an article called “8 Photoshop tircks I wish I know when I was a student” where I gave some nice little Photoshop tips. Adobe created Photoshop CS6 with lots of new functionnalities. I wrote sort of an update, with a lot of new tricks dedicated to this new version, focused on photo manipulation and UI design. That article can be …

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