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Pixels of the Week – August 26, 2018

This week’s UX, Design and Front End links and ressources selection: carousels on mobile devices, redesigns and UX, combining fonts, illustrations for small screens, usability testing tips, supporting speakers, e-commerce UX, UX and mobile forms, SVG filters, CSS scroll snapping and some useful designer ressources and icon transition tools

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Essential resources to design complex data tables

I’m currently working on dashboards with a lot of complex tables to display and I keep searching for the same articles again and again so I thought I might as well put them all in a blog post and share them with you. Here is my current list of resources when I need to design complex tables with a lot of data, interactions, etc. Detailed articles and use-cases on specific table patterns Design better data tables This article provides small GIFs …

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Quick trick: clean up Sketch useless symbol overrides in the panel

In 2018, I’ve decided to write more quick small posts to share small ressources, tips and tricks that help me in my daily workflow. This is the first of them and one of my favorite quick tip in Sketch. You may know that you can nest symbols in other symbols and override them. You can also override text content. But when you play the inception symbol game, your overrides panel gets complicated really quickly. Sometimes you don’t need to override …

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Solving design problems: Finding UX tools, methods & activities

Involving users, audience, stakeholders, partners, internal teams and developers from the start will help us build better products and services. There’s a lot of methods available to UX designers to help us accomplish this. This unfortunately means that it’s also pretty easy to get lost and feel overwhelmed with the quantity of information available. In this article I am going to share with you my list of seven ressources I use in my daily job to find the right UX method and tool.

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Where to easily find free CC0 images for your projects

Where to find free CC0 images for your projects

This content is 3 years old. Remember that the following content might be outdated.More and more sites offer great images under Creative Commons 4 – CC BY 4.0 you can use for free. This is great if you can actually attribute the author. If you can’t attribute for any reason (sometimes clients won’t let you, sometimes it’s hard to add yet another attribution on the poster where you have already so many legal text), you could always look for images under the Creative …

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