Pixels of the Week – August 11, 2017

Pixels of the Week – August 11, 2017

Every week I post a lot of my daily readings about Web, UI and UX Design, mobile design, webdesign tools  and useful resources, inspiration on twitter and other social networks.

This week’s selection: micro-management and burn out. accessibility guidelines, personas vs job to be done, Gestalt Theory, above the fold myth, UI and UX patterns, performance tools compared, AI design, typography, Progressive Web Apps, UX Heuristics Analysis, FOUT in CSS, Service Workers, Empathy Map Canvas and maintaining symbols in Sketch

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This week I published something

Mobile UX: Tiny Screens, Big Adventures” I gave a nice interview on Mobile UX, my journey and my process and one big project failure that taught me a lot 🙂

TL;DNR the one you should not miss


Mandatory read for startups, companies and managers 👉👉 What I’ve Learned About Not Micro Managing People

Interesting article


10 guidelines to improve your web accessibility


Personas vs. Jobs-to-Be-Done, two complementary methods

#UX #Usability
Finally an article on Gestalt Theory with actual UI examples instead of the panda/triangle logo, yes!!

#UX #Myths

Cute: Above the fold is a myth.

#UI #Pattern

Don’t mistake common UI patterns for best practices, on building a nice browsing experience for users


Really interesting comparison: The Difference Between GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools and WebPagetest


“As a user” needs to stop, on how to write proper better User Stories

#UX #Travel
Travel sites from a UX perspective, a lot of mistakes indeed :/ (and don’t get me started on flight booking sites 😣)

#UX #Heuritics

Heuristic Analysis UX in the design process


Why we desperately need women to design AI

#Pattern #AtomicDesign

Pattern Variation: an effective design system provides components that are robust, resilient, flexible, and adaptable. Let’s talk about some of the ways in which patterns can be designed for flexibility.


The Ripple Effect: How Our Smallest Design Choices Can Make A Big Impact (on roadsigns design and typography)


What Progressive Web App features will Apple support? Some predictions, we’ll see if they become true or not 🙂


Replaced Elements in HTML: Myths and Realities

Inspiration and Great ideas


Ten Years Ago, a little time machine 🙂


Follow the #VisibleWomen hashtag in twitter to discover amazing illustrators and artists


#Fonts #FOUT

If you really dislike FOUT, `font-display: optional` might be your jam

#Service Worker

Understanding Service Workers (more dev oriented article with code examples)

Useful resources, tools and plugins that will make your life easy


7 Tools for Developing Your First Progressive Web App

#Empathy map

Updated Empathy Map Canvas

#Sketch #Plugin

Terasi helps you maintain all of your symbols in a single external Sketch file, so you can reuse it at anytime in any projects

Merge duplicate symbols in Sketch – I needed that yesterday haha

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