Inpixelitrust Responsive blank theme for WordPress

Inpixelitrust blank theme is a simple HTML5 theme for starting a WordPress project.

It is primarly based Randy Jensen & Randy Hoyt HTML5 starter theme with other goodies added . It uses some parts of Paul Irish’s HTML5 Boilerplate 

The CSS used is based on pieces of Raphael Goetter’s knacss. It is responsive ready and uses a fluid layout.

This theme is aimed for WordPress developpers looking for a cleaner theme to start a project than twenty-eleven. The code is highly commented so that you can understand what is going on, and remove parts you don’t need.

Base functionalities

  • Based on Handcrafted WP
  • Use of Paul Irish’s conditionnal tags for IE specific styles
  • Use of Raphael Goetter’s knacss for the basic layout
  • Three page layouts templates : full screen, left-side bar, right side-bar
  • Responsive fluid theme : uses of max-width on the container, all other blocs use percentage to adapt to the browser. They are also some ready for use media queries
  • Use of textdomain to translate the files easily. Simply duplicate the .po files and translate using Poedit
  • Embed of a version of modernizr, you can change the script in js/modernizr.custom.js
  • Comes with one custom menu, theme support for post-thumbnails, sidebar and footer widget bars, HTML5 search form and comments form, etc.

Functions and enhancements

At the top of the functions.php you will find some php inclusions of files. Those files are in the functions folder. You can comment or uncomment those inclusions as you need.

WP cleanup Enhanced code

The theme embeds the wordpress_cleanup.php file  with many snippets to clean up the admin part of WordPress. The code is commented so you can delete things you won’t need. See the WP clean-up enhancement git repository for more details about functionalities

Remove comments absolute

The template embeds the Remove comments absolute plugin if you build a website that does not need comments at all .You can comment the line that calls functions/remove-comments-absolute.php in functions.php to disable it.

Admin CSS and login customization

You will find in the CSS folder two ready to use files to customize the design of the admin area custom_admin.css and for the login area custom_login.css (providing a custom logo for your client for example).

Clean up scripts and styles

The script_style_cleanups.php provides a default template to easily unregister script you won’t use. This can be usefull for example if lots of plugins add scripts to all pages, but you only want the script or style to be loaded on the page where the plugin is used

Theme option base template

The theme-options.php contains some functions to create an option page for your theme. You can remove the inclusion in functions.php if you don’t need it. For more information about how the option pages in WordPress work, you can read the WordPress Settings API tutorial.

Custom post type template

The custom_post_types.php contains a start template to easily add some custom post type to the website. You can remove the inclusion in functions.php if you don’t need it.

Just remember, this is a start theme, for theme developers to play with, remove code, add some, etc. Feel free to fork it on github !

Looking for a Web or UI designer, for a site or mobile application ? Looking for a logo designer, or simple want to know more about me ? You can take a look at my portfolio and contact me.

3 thoughts on “Inpixelitrust Responsive blank theme for WordPress

  1. Une démo quelque part ? même si ça ne sert pas à grand chose sur un blank thème.
    Par curiosité (et flemme, un peu, j’avoue).

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