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Photoshop Style Guide .PSD (and workflow)

This is my Style Guide starter file I use when I start a Photoshop project. It contains colors, responsive typography,normal, active and hover buttons, forms, icons, tables, image alignments, ui elements, etc. I thought it could be useful and some of you wanted to see it so I decided I might as well share the .PSD file. You can download it for free on github.Continue reading

[Freebies] Responsive Retrofitting VS Mobile First Responsive Strategy Illustration

[Freebies] Responsive Retrofitting VS Mobile First Responsive Strategy Illustration

The word “Responsive” has today a lot of different meanings depending on the person you ask. In his article  Responsive Strategy, Brad Frost explains the difference between Responsive Retrofitting and what he calls Mobile First Responsive. Design. This first one is, I quote: “the process of taking an existing desktop-only website, and making it responsive after the fact.” Basically what we have been doing the past few years when there was no full redesign on the table. He defines Mobile First …Continue reading

[Freebies] Mobile Touch Areas

Mobile Touch Areas freebies

I needed some nice touch areas icons for a presentation and ma teaching at the university so I simply made them. I based the areas on different datas I collected from different articles and books: Responsive Navigation: Optimizing for Touch Across Devices by Luke Wroblewski How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices? Josh Clark’s chapter “Designing For Touch” for the Mobile Book by Smashing Magazine On the top of the touch areas, they are two extra templates for portrait and landscape mode. …Continue reading

[Update] Mobile and desktop device template Photoshop and Illustrator format

[Update] Mobile and desktop device template Photoshop and Illustrator format

For a responsive webdesite presentation I update my Mobile and desktop device template .PSD with some new freebies in it. The new version has still the mobile, desktop and tablet device templates as .PSD vector shapes, and I added this : a laptop template the iOS devices now come into an vector .EPS format you can open in Illustrator some exported .PNG version of the vector templates You can download the whole files for free here : Mobile and desktop device template …Continue reading

BlendMeIn and Flaticon – two plugins to access vector icon collections in Photoshop

FlatIcon and BlendMeIn: two plugins to access vector icons collections in Photoshop

Creating and maintaining in Photoshop a librairy of vector icons for a project can get very tricky and become quite a pain. You can always create your artwork and define it as a custom shape, but custom shapes in Photoshop don’t offer a search option. I found two plugins that help you to access big icon libraries directly in the Photoshop panels : BlendMeIn and FlatIcon. I put both to the test, here we go. What both have in common …Continue reading