Pixels & code #13 – Web Design weekly links not to miss

Pixels & code #13 – Web Design weekly links not to miss

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Every week I post a lot of my daily readings about Web, UI and UX Design, HTML and CSS, webdesign tools  and ressources and inspiration on twitter and other social networks. I decided to put them all together in one place at the end of the week, in case you missed some. They are classified in different categories with some tags so that you can quickly select what you are interested in. Happy reading.

Articles to read

Posted by David Fay, October 16 2013 5 Advanced Mobile Web Design Techniques You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

Smart Transitions In User Experience Design


Time- Illustration

  • #Illustration – Time sweet colorful illustration
  • #Colors – Namethatblue, find which blue it is (you can also play with other colors)

Shawn Smith	 Rethings

  • #Pixel-art – Shawn Smith, this guy makes cazy 3D pixel art scupltures
  • #CSS – Cssspecificity.com CSS specificty table with icons inspired by The Shining

Famous costumes from movies and music by Brazilian designer Frederico Birchal.


  • #Typographie  – typenovel.tumblr.com a collection of typo signs, shop signs, shop fronts fouind on the internet.



Useful ressources

Responsive Design Hub


  • #SVG – Snap.svg a JavaScript libraryfor working with SVG


Tools and plugins that will make your life easy


  • #iPad –  An iPad sketch app that of looks like Paper (pay to unlock tools) with brush size & opacity change and infinite zoom sketchologyapp.com

Fun and impressive demos


The read you can’t miss:

alice in wonderland
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, a beautiful demo using CSS shapes (the making of on Ultranoir )

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3 thoughts on “Pixels & code #13 – Web Design weekly links not to miss

  1. Hello Stéphanie. Thank you for a wonderful treasure chest of inspiration and guidance – I really do appreciate all your efforts.
    A little way up this page, you direct one to HTML5up:
    #HTML5 -html5up.net a collection of free, responsive HTML5 site templates #freebies
    Unfortunately, none of the demos work. Well, not on my system at any rate (Win 7, Firefox 25.0)
    Regards, John.

    • Oh you’re so right, those preview don’t display on FF. I’m sorry I should have checked but I’m used to browse with Chrome. They do nevertheless work with IE10 so I’m not really sure how they managed to do this, I’ll ask the site owner.
      I guess it has something to do with the iframe, http://html5up.net/prologue/ does not work on FF but http://html5up.net/uploads/demos/prologue/ looks okay. So it’s really just the preview that has a Firefow problem, but I agree that this is not really cool.
      Thanks for mentionning this John :)